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All dreams can become true if you believe in them.


After years of work, my very own dream is finally coming true!

However, I need you to keep it alive! And maybe I can help you achieve one of your dreams in return?


Since September 2021, I can finally offer you my services as a tattoo artist.

For anyone who doesn't know me yet, let me introduce myself : My name is Maïté Tapaï, aka Chalou, I'm a young tattoo artist at Js Tattoo Andenne.



My style tends to be between cartoon and semi-realistic.

I love drawing animals, either as skulls or just their adorable little faces.


I really like anthropomorphism but also floral patterns and precious jewels.

If you want to make me happy, ask me to include mushrooms in your projects!


I am a fan of video games! If  The Legend of Zelda, Okami, Pokémon (and many more) have a place in your heart, you will have one in mine too.

Don't hesitate to ask for your gamer projects, I will draw them with glee!


HEY you, manga addicts, I haven't forgotten you!

Do you dream of having one of your favorite characters on your skin?

Ask me, we will see together to capture your vision so that it is unique and suits you best!


I also make covers but only under certain conditions, as maximum artistic freedom will be needed.


I can tattoo on scars, if you wish to do so just send me pictures and I will assess if it is possible for me!


All my tattoos are unique tattoos! The only exceptions are group tattoos~

Do not bother to ask me for a drawing reproduction without changes, I will refuse!

However, I will accept projects that you have drawn, no matter your skill. We will rework your drawing together so that it corresponds to my style and to make it "tattooable" ~



Interested? Do not hesitate to contact me through my email address or my private pages!

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