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  • What is a fursona?
    A fursona is a character who is bound to yourself by one way or another, it could litteraly be your animal alter-ego, your ideal or a protector. The interpretation that people have of their fursona varies from one person to another. You represent with it what you wish, buy in any case, it has a direct connection to you.
  • Why represent one’s fursona in fursuit form?
    Represent one’s fursona in fursuit form is a way of giving life to the character. In a fursuit, one can play a role, an ideal, an extension of one’s self, or simply have fun!
  • What is a helper, and why is it necessary?"
    A helper is a person who will accompany the fursuiter before, during and after going out. He will ensure its security, help him move, tell him where are the obstacles he would be unable to see, hydrate him and inform him of what is happening (i.e.: somebody asks for a picture with him, somebody wants to ask him a question, etc.). The helper will also help the fursuiter to don/doff the fursuit (some fursuits cannot be put on alone!) The helper is mandatory when going out in fursuit!
  • In what occasions could one go out in fursuit?
    A fursuit can be worn for numerous occasions, but certain rules must be respected. At home, you can fursuit all you want, but always with a helper. In public, you may wear your fursuit during several events: furry meeting, conventions, and photo shootings. Keep in mind that you will need a police authorization to wear a fursuit in some public places! Several conventions in Europe (/!\ note, forbidden to minors!) - Eurofurence (Germany) - Confuzzled (England) - The Flüff (Near the Belgian coast) - Fauntastic (France) - Furnion (Spain) - GLC (Switzerland) Several furry meetings in Belgium: - Ouftimeet, to which I belong (Liege, Wallonia) - BEfurs (Flanders)
  • Why a fursuit is so expensive?
    A fursuit is normally a unique creation, fully personalized and entirely hand-made. All the numerous materials are carefully chosen to ensure optimal quality! Fursuits are tailor-made costumes, hand-made and high quality. To support small artisans and self-workers, the great majority of the materials I use are produced by local manufacturers. /!\ please note that all materials are fully and strictly synthetic!
  • Which species of animals can be made into fursuits?
    Absolutely all of them! Let your imagination loose! Fursuits are not only costumes of animals with fur: there are also fursuits for insects, arachnids, dragons, snakes… everything is doable! /!\ Note that fursuits representing Pokémons, digimos or any other existing fictional universe cannot be ordered without copyright.
  • Do you ship outside Belgium?
    Yes, of course! The type of shipping will be selected to match what suits you best.
  • What is a pre-made? Do you make them?
    A pre-made fursuit is a fursuit that I created and imagined myself from the beginning, and available to order. With each pre-made, a reference and a surprise pack will be included. /!\ Note that no changes will be accepted on pre-mades (unless they are very minor, then a supplemental fee will be charged). Pre-mades will be subject to auction. You will be able to choose the name and background of the pre-made you purchase.
  • Do you have partnerships with other artists?
    Of course! I already have partnerships with Schneepardi Creations (3D printed bases) and Creation’Ator (3D printed jewels and accessories). I am open to any other partnership request.
  • What do I need to place my fursuit order?
    - A valid email address, or a social network in which you are regularly present (Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, etc.) for us to be able to communicate freely. - A person that can assist you to create a Duct Tape Dummy (DTD) and/or to take your measurements. The instructions on how to take your measurements will be explained at the time when you will place your order. - A COMPLETE reference of your fursona (more info here). - You will need to express yourself in a clear manner, so I will be able to represent your character the best way possible. Please use correct spelling, mistakes are of course OK but it will be necessary for me to understand you. You can contact me in French or English. - A lot of patience. The reservation times can be long, and so is the conception itself. It might happen that you will need to wait a year before receiving your fursuit. All time limits will be discussed with you in private. I will give you a deadline date for the conception before confirmation of the order, to be sure it will be OK with you. - A good sense of humor. I like to make jokes, sometimes. - Being at least 18 years old. - A bank account or a Paypal account. Because you need money to buy fursuits.
  • What are the different styles of fursuit?
    There are a lot of different styles of fursuit. At Chamanite, 3 are available to order: - Kemono: the Japanese style, with larger heads and bigger eyes. Kemono fursuits have a cutesy style and look like plushies. - Toony: A cartoonish style, the eyes are large and expressive. They can have several different expressions, either fixed or mobile, thanks to magnetic removable eyebrows, eyelids and tongues. - Realistic/semirealistic: As the name says, this style tries to represent as realistically as possible the animal species the fursuit is based upon. The sight in it is very much narrowed in comparison, but its looks are stunning!
  • What are the different payment kits available?
    Fursuits can be sold by piece or in “kit”. You may find the different kinds of fursuit and their prices here.
  • How to take care of my fursuit?
    You will receive with your order one copy of “The Fursuiter’s Booklet”, made by myself. Inside, you will be able to find out how to learn to don your fursuit, and how to wash it! All is explained step by step. Child’s play! In case of any trouble, I will always be there to help.
  • What to prepare for my fursuit’s arrival?
    - A HUGE box or a closet! You will need a place to store your fursuit when you are not wearing it. It will need to be kept in a closed space, away from light, humidity and any heat source! - A soft animal brush, to be able to brush your fursuit’s fur without ripping the fur’s fibers. - Your favorite accessories. All that is left for your fursuit is your personal touch!
  • I am not happy with my fursuit! What to do?
    Horror! We need to fix this problem ASAP! What is exactly the problem? Size? Appearance? Style? Reread the order terms and conditions, and send me quickly a message explaining the problem, we will try to fix it as fast as possible.
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