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Duct Tape Dummy (DTD) Tutorial

  • What is a "Duct Tape Dummy"?

A DTD is a precise 3D reproduction of your body

  • Why should I make a DTD?

The DTD allows me to have a direct and complete copy of your body and to get your precise exact measurements. This ensures your fursuit will match your body as much as possible.

  • What do I need for it?

  • 2-3 duct tape rolls

  • Scissors

  • Permanent markers

  • A painter outfit (cheap and available at any painter/DIY store)

  • Old clothes

Ask for any outside help that you can get !

You will not be able to do your DTD only by yourself! Making a DTD takes between 45 minutes and 1h30. Eat, drink and go to the toilet before starting. Work in a well-ventilated room, as it is going to be hot!

  • Process :

While you are in the process of getting wrapped, avoid to move, bend or stretch yourself too much. If the tape tears itself at some point, just cover the hole with another piece of duct tape.
All the surface of the painter outfit needs to be covered in duct tape. Do not leave any part uncovered, otherwise the DTD may be incorrect.

  1. First step

Put on your old clothes, and then the painter outfit above it. Close the zipper entirely.
Adjust the sleeve borders around your wrists and knees, and put the hood on.

troll waargal.png

2. Second step

Start by taping the waist. Try as much as possible to use duct tape bands of maximum 10cm, so they can be as smooth as it can be.
The duct tape needs to take the form of the person, not the painter outfit. Do not fret if you see some wrinkles: this is normal!
Do not tighten the person too much, as this can result in errors in your DTD.
After the waist, start taping the legs of the person, by contouring the thighs and the pelvis, always in cross-shaped form. Be careful: the area between the legs needs to be close to the body, not too wide.

troll waargal.png

3. Third step

After covering entirely the waist, thighs and pelvis, tape the knees and ankles.
Be careful not to tighten the knees and ankles too much, otherwise your fursuit will be too tight!


4. Fourth step

Continue to tape down the legs, always following the shape of the person’s body. Go as down as possible, but without taping the foot!
Do not continuously roll the tape around the legs of the person, no matter how tempting it might be! Only use duct tape pieces of maximum 10cm.


5. Fifth step

Almost there, be brave!
Apply a horizontal piece of tape on the chest/bust and on the back.
From its center, join the shoulders on each side, to form a “V”.

troll waargal2.png

6. Sixth step

Continue to tape the person, while following the V shape. You should then get a sort of “duct tape t-shirt”.
As you did in step 3, tape the shoulders and the armpits without tightening them, and the wrists, as far as possible.

troll waargal2.png

7. Seventh step

Continue to go down the arms, always following the shape of the body. Go down as far as possible, but without taping the hand!

Do not continuously roll the tape around the arms of the person, no matter how tempting it might be! Only use duct tape pieces of maximum 10cm.
Go up the neck, all the way to the chin, covering the hood and the neckband. You can use kitchen towels to protect the skin of the person if the neckband does not cover high enough.

Be sure that the tape goes high enough, otherwise the fursuit could end having a too short neckband.

troll waargal2.png

8. Eighth step

Final step!

Great, your person is finally wrapped! Now for the most delicate step: getting the person out of this cocoon.

Draw a line from the neckband until the wrist by following along the arm, the line must be straight.

Repeat the same step symmetrically.

First, draw the zone to cut out.
Draw a line, starting from the neckband until the knees, again following the curves of the body.

You may follow the diagram underneath.

Body tape exemple 1.png
Body tape exemple 2.png

Once the drawing is done, cut it with a pair of scissors by following the lines carefully. Start with the two arms, then the legs. You should be able to remove the second leg without cutting the DTD; if this is not possible, cut only until the thigh, they you should manage to root the person out.

Be careful with the person, do not cut it! Raise as much as possible the borders so that the scissors touch in the least the skin or clothes of the person.

Once the person is rooted out, the only thing left is to cautiously fold the DTD and to put it in a small protected box, so you will be able to send it to your builder.


Congratulations, your Duct Tape Dummy is over!

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