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Terms of service

Hello everybody!

If you are reading this, chances are you are interested in my work, and maybe you wish to place an order!

Please find here some information about myself and my work. 
If you place an order with Chamanite, you automatically agree to the following terms:

  • Before contacting me, please have a look at my creations, and read the information about them. I will no longer answer to questions like "can you send me examples of your work?". My page is available for that purpose: if you are interested in placing an order, I will assume you already had a look before sending me a message.

  • The first thing to know is that I work alone and that I have two jobs. It is then useless to send me messages all day to know the progress on your order. I will inform you myself and send you wips as soon as I have some to share (circa one per week). If for any reason I have delays in my work, you will be the first to know!

  • Please do not compare my work with someone else's! All builders are different: my work and my style will not necessarily match those of another artist. If you want something done with the style of a precise artist, I can only suggest you to place an order with said artist :) You may use another artist’s work as an example to explain some features you would want (same kind of ears, for example), but we builders cannot (and do not like to) copy someone else's style. Each artist has his technique and the style which suits him. If you order from a certain artist, it means that you like his style: nobody wants to be considered as a "cheaper replacement", this is human!

  •  You must have at least 18 years to be able to order with Chamanite. 

  • I do not make mature or NSFW fursuits

  • I do not make additional chest pieces for female fursuits nor detailed musculature.

  • I do not make 2D eyes for toony fursuits.

  • I do not make silicone tongues: they will always be either in fabric or in hard material.

  • I do not make silicone pieces for kemono fursuits.

  • Puffy paws are available with 4 or 5 fingers. However, puffy paws with 5 fingers will have 4 mobile fingers and one fake finger (not mobile).

  • For half-body and fullbody fursuits, I will need a Duct Tape Dummy (DTD). You can use my tutorial to create one by clicking HERE. The DTD needs to be sent to me, correctly folded, in a box where it will not risk of being damaged (/!\ Shipping costs are at your expense).


  •  I accept payments by Paypal or wire transfer (/!\ any fees are at your expense)

  •  A non-refundable advance payment will be needed when booking your slot (50€ for partials, 100€ for fullbodys)

  • I accept payment in installments. In that case, 50% of the total price needs to be paid when the building of your fursuit will start.

  • I progress on your fursuit along with the payments. This means I work on the pieces which cost is equal to your payments. This avoids me to work on a piece that you will not be able to pay in full. It also allows you to have contingencies, it can happen to anyone! This condition is a safety net, both for me and for you!


  • Please submit a CLEAR AND COMPLETE reference, and all the needed complementary images! If you do not have any reference, either I can create one for you (see my Pricelist), or you can fill in a free base. The drawing quality is not very important to place an order, but the colors and patterns of your character are crucial. (When you will place your order, I will ask you some questions about the character itself, his personality, you can also tell me all about his story and behavior, I will read it gladly!) Please note I will base myself only on what you give me, and will not search your account for additional images.

  •  I will not accept changes as soon as the order has started! If you change any details or any colors, I will ask for an additional fee to cover for the additional material needed, but I will not refund any material I will already have bought (nothing ensures I will be able to find any use for it). If there is a missing detail or if there is a mistake on your character because of an incomplete reference or an angle that does not cover everything (for example, a moon pattern on your armpit), I will not do any changes once started, or will charge you an additional fee. I will always acknowledge if I do any mistakes myself: if you think I made an unjustified mistake, please explain it to me (politely!) by showing I was indeed informed about this detail (for example, a drawing of the armpit, with the moon underneath clearly visible).

  • You will sometimes see me working on other projects than your order. Indeed, sometimes it is necessary to work on side projects to clear one's mind and keep an objective eye on one's work. When you focus too much on a single project, you stop seeing the mistakes you make. This happens to all artists!


  • If you have any doubt when seeing one of the wips ("Work In Progress") that I will send you, please inform me immediately, not when your order is almost completed: this will save lots of time and will help preserve the quality of your order! I prefer to change something when I am in the process of building your order than having to start from scratch all over again. I try to do all my best to satisfy you, so please be comprehensive and don't be mad if there are delays or if something is not exactly as you wanted it. Please always explain to me very clearly (and politely) what are your thoughts, and what you want exactly, and I will do all I can to make your wish come true!
    To me, a simple "you did a mistake here, could you correct it, please?" will be way more motivating and efficient that a "this is completely wrong! Fix it!" Be it me or the other builders, we need to be encouraged in order to give the best work that we can!If there is a mistake, please be clear, accurate and polite. For example: "I think these patterns should be higher to the left, near the eye of the character".

  •  As I said before, I am a builder, but mostly, I am only human, I try to be careful, but it may happen that a needle is forgotten somewhere on your order, this happens even with professionals, you should see the fluff in which we work! 

  • If a part of your order is slightly oversized, please be comprehensive! We builders do tailor-made work, but since distance prevents us to take the measures ourselves, there can always be a slight difference. It is then extremely important to be as accurate and as exact as possible with your measurements! If you need help to take them, do not hesitate to tell me, be it on a video call, or IRL if it is possible for you to come to me! 

  • I reserve the right to cancel any order in case of severe conflict with the customer. He will then receive whatever has been already built, in the state it is when the order is cancelled, and will get a refund on the labor cost of the non-built pieces. The remaining materials will neither be refunded nor shipped.     
    (You pay for a service, not for material, and it happens a lot that I order material for several orders at the same time!)
    I am not a machine, I have feelings, health and a job, like all of us! Please respect it :)

  • Please always keep a contact method that I can use (Facebook, FurAffinity, Email address, etc). If I cannot contact you, I cannot offer my services to you anymore (including my warranty service).


  • If, after receiving your order, you notice something is not OK, please inform me immediately, so we can solve the issue as quickly as possible

  • If any repairs are necessary, my lifetime warranty covers any small repairs (such as: small holes in cloth, unsown ears, ripped claw (if you still have it), etc). You will have to pay only for shipping costs. 
    For any big damage (broken eye or the like), I will charge you only for the needed materials and the labor cost if it exceeds one hour of work.

  •  If you decide to sell your fursuit, I would be very grateful if you inform me: I will then be able to transfer the warranty to the new owner, and I could help you to sell your fursuit faster! You may of course go through me for a trade or selling of your fursuit to avoid potential scams: I will transfer your shipment without additional costs! (only shipping costs will be charged)!

  •  To the buyers of second-hand fursuits made by me: you will get, in any case, the same warranty than the original owner. If your fursuit has any defects (anything unsown, etc) and if it goes through me, I will inform you and will ask you if you want me to do the repairs for free (according to the terms and conditions).  

Note: this means you will not receive the fursuit immediately. If you desire to change the original design, additional fees may be charged. You will be informed of the exact price before any changes! All shipping costs will be charged to you as well. 


  • For shipping, I work in priority with Mondial Relay, then with La Poste and then with DHL. Hand delivery is also possible, and I can cover some distance myself if needed (to discuss, case by case), but all transport fees will then be charged to you (note I live in Liège, Belgium). In case of damage or loss of the shipment, I will be unfortunately unable to provide any refund or replacement (this remains handicraft!) Some insurances exist, depending on the shipping method (partial refunds) and tracking methods that I strongly recommend. Unfortunately, I cannot be held responsible for any shipping issues, except in the case of hand delivery.

Thank you for reading until the end, see you soon!    


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