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Who am  I ?

Hi everybody!
My name is Maïté Tapaï, AKA Chalou, and I am the only fursuitmaker of Chamanite since 2018.
I come from Belgium, and French is my native language.

I entered the furry fandom in 2014, but I was always passionate about anthropomorphism, since a very young age.

I made my first fursuit, the very first version of Chalou, with the help of a friend.
The next year, I tried to remake Chalou, but all by myself this time. It was very successful, and Jillian then asked me to create her own fursuit, which I accepted.

Jillian was my very first fursuit order!
My fursuits being successful, I decided to become a part-time self-worker, dedicated to fursuit conception.

I will never thank enough my dear Jillian to have convinced me to do fursuit orders for people, and Waargal who gave his precious moral support during all the beginning of my career, and who will continue to do so in the future, I hope. 

My goal is for Chamanite to be able to make the dream of its customer come true, by making their character into a fursuit.
I also wish for Chamanite to become a great and beautiful family. All those who desire to join Chamanite, be it as a customer or just to give its support, is welcome!

I thank you all for your support and hope to meet you all someday!

See you soon,


Vidéo uniquement disponible en français.

Video only available in French.

Psst !

I am starting a new activity...

Come and discover my drawings, now on your skin !

Want to know more ? 

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